Ant control Vaughan. A very important fact related to a pest problem is that if you wish to get rid of a bug infestation, you need to find out where the nest is. It is only destroying the nest that will end the infestation. If you only kill the pests, while the nest is still secure, there’s a good chance that the pests will start up a whole new infestation.

Ants infest in hordes, as they build colonies in and around the property they infest. They can be quite an annoyance when they swarm your kitchen for food items and crumbs dropped on the floor or on your kitchen top.

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Biology and Behavior

Ants live in colonies. Each colony is ruled by a queen that spawns thousands of eggs each day, so you will need to plan your treatment process depending on the number of ant colonies in and around your property.

Every home is susceptible to an ant infestation. Ants also feed on the same food items that are consumed by humans. So as long as there’s availability of food, there’s a good chance of an ant infestation. It is easy to know you have an ant infestation. You will often see hordes of these tiny insects gathered around food crumbs on your kitchen top or floor. There will also be sightings of ant trail as they walk to and from their nest carrying food crumbs. If you have ant in your garden, there will be obvious anthills made of mud or clay. This is the ant colony and you would find thousands of ants in a single colony.

There are various types of ants; namely, carpenter ants, pavement ants and pharaoh ants. It is important to know what kind of ants have infested your property, so that the appropriate treatment is used to get rid of them.

Affordable and Reliable Solutions

Ants walk in trails, so while it seems easy to use the usual DIY methods to get rid of these ants; it is only a temporary means. These ants are thousands in number and will only keep coming back every time there’s food crumbs left in the open. The trick to putting an end to an ant infestation is to nip the problem in the bud, or in this case, in the nest.

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